There are a lot of things you can throw down your garbage disposal to get rid of them. In this context, one of the most popular questions is ‘Can you put banana peels down the garbage disposal?’

And the answer is a strict ‘no’ because they are very rough and will damage the grinder.

Why Can't Your Garbage Disposal Handle Banana Peels?

Banana peels are not the exception. There are a lot of fibrous food items like onion skins, artichokes, corn husks and so on that are too rough for your garbage disposal.

The simple explanation for this is that these peels are shields that are designed by nature to protect the material that is inside them. So, they are made to take a little beating like the one your grinder will give them.

Your garbage disposal is made of motor and drain and neither of the elements is made to handle these peels in their raw form. The motor might get stuck and the drain might get clogged or jammed if you throw them in any way.

These are fibrous fruits that act the same way foods that are rich in starch do when they come into contact with a garbage disposal system. The blades fail to do much damage and the system might overflow with water.

In fact, there is also the risk of dulling the blades, which causes long-term problems.

Banana Peels Are Difficult To Break Down

Another reason is that these are not liquefiable materials. And garbage disposals are only meant to handle items that are biodegradable. Banana peels take almost two years to get there.

Can You Put Orange Peels In Garbage Disposal?

It is a bad idea to put most vegetable skins in your garbage disposal. The logic for banana peels also applies to orange peels because they too are natural shields that are meant to protect the fruit inside.

But if you can shred the peels, you might just be able to get them through the blades without damaging the system. And it might even have the added benefit of your kitchen smelling good.

Can You Throw Eggshells Down Garbage Disposal?

You can do this once in a while and get away without trouble. But if you are a household that consumes a good deal of eggs, this should not be your go-to option.

This is not a matter of the shell being soft enough to get through the blades, because that is not entirely true. And with eggs, you always run the risk of clogging up your drain, just as with coffee grounds, which is highly problematic.

Can Avocado Skins Go In Garbage Disposal?

Absolutely not. This is because of the same logic used for banana peels. Not everything is meant to go into your garbage disposal and avocado skins just don’t make the cut.

What About Heavy-Duty Grinders?

Some garbage disposal systems are sharper and have more muscle. So, you might be tempted to test them with the banana peel in your hand. Big mistake!

The manufacturer might claim that they can do it and it might even work a few times. But, in the long run, the blades will give up and you will have a broken garbage disposal system at your disposal.

Since you can’t cut down on eating bananas, we recommend you try other ways of disposing of the peels. And by the way, if your temptation gets the better of you and you want to try it just once, make sure you remove the plastic sticker on the peel because that will definitely stick the blade and cause trouble.

What Can You Do With Banana Peels?

Speaking of other ways to get rid of the banana peels, since the answer to the question ‘Can you put banana peels down the garbage disposal?’ is a resounding no, here’s what you can do to get rid of them.

  • Add them to the compost pile - Although it can take years to biodegrade, a compost pile will eventually break down banana peels in a sustainable way.

  • Use them to make your meat tender - Marinate your meat in banan peels for about 30 minutes to make your meats nice and juicy like never before.

  • Ripen fruit - But your unripe fruit in a plastic bag together with banana peels and put the bag in the fridge until your fruit is ripe.

  • Use it as a snack for animals - Most farm animals like, cows, pigs or chickens love banana peels.

  • Get rid of Aphids - Cut them into pieces and place them in your garden to get rid of aphids.

Now You Know: Don't Put Your Banana Peels Down Your Garbage Disposal!

Banana peels are hard and thick. This makes it difficult for any kind of garbage disposal to break them down. If you try to force-feed the peel to the blades, you might end up making the blades duller and also clogging your drain pipe.

Apart from the things mentioned earlier, you can also try and use the peels to shine your shoes or whiten your teeth. So, can you put banana peels down the garbage disposal? Well, you can, but you really should not.