If you want to find a good use for the high-salt backwash from your water softener, you can use it to water plants. Normal plants cannot tolerate this water, but certain salt-resistant plants will thrive when watered with salty water.

Salt Resistant Plants

These plants are usually found along coasts or other areas with high salinity in the soil. There are many salt-resistant shrubs and trees that you can grow in your garden.

You can use the backwash released by your water softener during regeneration to water them and they will be no worse for the wear.

If you are looking for an eco-friendly way to get rid of the backwash from your water softener, growing salt-resistant shrubs or trees is an elegant solution.

Here are some plants that grow in water softener discharge:

Locust Tree

Locust trees are a member of the pea family. They produce large clusters of flowers that are in full bloom come springtime.

They grow very quickly and love the sun. Plant it in areas where it receives plenty of sunlight during the day. It doesn’t require shade and can be watered with salty water since it is salt resistant.

You need to water it normally for about a year. Once it matures, it will be able to tolerate the water discharge from your water softener.


Agave is a very hardy and extremely beautiful succulent. It is drought resistant and requires very little care.

There are many different types of agave and you can surely find one that suits the climate in your area. They need a lot of sunlight and fast-draining soil. Drainage is extremely important, otherwise, they are susceptible to root and stem rot.

Agave plants in containers typically require more water than those planted in the ground. It is also a salt-resistant plant.

Blanket Flower

Blanket flower plants are a member of the daisy family. They are aesthetically pleasing and add to the beauty of any home.

They are very resilient and hence easy to grow. All they need is well-draining soil and occasional watering to keep them healthy and thriving.

It is native to the United States and requires a lot of exposure to sunlight. This flowering plant will attract a lot of butterflies to your garden.

Hummingbird Plant

Hummingbird plants are ornamental plants. As you might have guessed, hummingbirds love this flowering plant.

They are quite bushy and grow up to 2 feet tall. The nectar from the bright red-orange flowers attracts hummingbirds during spring.

This is a very hardy plant and hardly requires any care. They are very resilient and can survive on the discharge from your water softener.

Wrapping Up

You don’t need to waste the backwash from your water softener. There are actually many plants that grow in water softener discharge.

Many coastal plants are resistant to high salinity and can survive on the backwash from water softeners. Growing these plants is an eco-friendly solution for utilizing the discharge from water softeners.