Do I need a carbon filter with my water softener?

That's a question that I've heard quite a few times and will answer today. The short answer is, yes, you should get a carbon filter for your water softener.

But we will describe every possible aspect to help you decide if you should purchase a carbon filter or not.

So, let's begin.

Why Do You Need A Water Softener?

When you have hard water, that is, water with high amounts of calcium and magnesium, you'll require a water softener. It's a serious issue when such minerals are large enough to create stains in the washrooms and other complications with the piping system.

A water softener solves this issue by replacing chloride ions in salt for mineral ions present in the liquid. It cleans the water by removing the undesirable minerals.

What Is A Carbon Filter?

A carbon block filter, known as a carbon filter, is a large mass of packed carbon commonly used as the first layer of filter in different cases, like water filtration systems.

Why Do You Need A Carbon Filter With A Water Softener?

Now that you understand the differences between hard and soft water, as well as the concept of a carbon filter, you can determine whether or not you require one.

Installing carbon filters before water softeners is a practical decision. These filters, made up of large chunks of compressed carbon, are helpful add-ons for removing chlorine, smells, tastes, and sediments. However, the most crucial feature is that they are primarily self-cleaning.

It means that if the water softener cannot remove the unnecessary minerals, the sediments will be removed by these filters. Furthermore, these filters will ensure that your water smells and tastes well. As a result, you will be able to wash and clean things comfortably with it.

You must now remember to put the filter in before the water softener. Adding this before the main softener will prolong the lifespan of the filter medium by eliminating chloride ions from the water before it reaches the softening, resulting in a cleaner water supply all across the house.

If you decide to go for a carbon filter, you will be guaranteed to have clean and odorless water free of dangerous minerals.

Final Words

If you're still wondering, "Do I need a carbon filter with my water softener?" the answer is simple.

Considering the number of benefits you can receive from an added carbon filter, you should get one with a water softener if you can afford it. If you think you can maintain the filter by cleaning and updating it whenever necessary, you should get one.