A water distiller is an excellent item to have in your household. However, due to the electricity it uses, some people might be hesitant to get it since it might increase your electricity bill. So, you might ask; Do water distillers use a lot of electricity?

The answer depends on how many you are using. If it's 1 only, then it doesn't use a lot of electricity.

We'll try to answer this question in detail here and give you an estimate on how much electricity your water distiller uses since it can vary. Also, we'll look at whether a water distiller is still worth the cost.

Why Does A Water Distiller Need Electricity?

Firstly, we'll need to look at why a water distiller needs electricity. A water distiller is a purifier that makes use of evaporation to separate pure water from the contaminants. The water is converted to steam while the impurities are left behind.

After separation, the steam is then condensed into the water, free from the contaminants. So, as you can see, a water distiller requires electricity to produce the heat needed to convert the water into vapor.

The amount of electricity needed will depend on the volume of water required to be converted. It will also depend on the particular model as some have better heating efficiencies than others.

The total electrical consumption will also depend on how many water distillers you have in your home. Though most of the time, you will usually have one.

How Much Electricity Does Your Water Distiller Need?

It's hard to pinpoint exactly how much electricity your distiller needs without knowing the consumption of a particular model. For estimation purposes, we will assume that a typical household will distill about 4 liters of water.

So, for 4 liters of water, you will usually require 3-kilowatt hours worth of electricity to distill the 4 liters fully. Thoroughly purifying the water takes around 5 hours.

Is A Water Distiller Worth It?

Though it can vary depending on your area's electrical billing, based on the previous estimate, we can assume your monthly electrical bill will be 11.65 dollars.

Water distillers are best seen as an alternative to bottled water. While a bottle might seem less expensive than a water distiller, overall, the cost evens out over the long run.

So, for a longer time, water distillers are less expensive. If you get a good one, it can last you for 2 or 3 years and ends up being cheaper than constantly buying bottled water.


So, do water distillers use a lot of electricity? Unless you are using more than one water distiller in a household, they don't use a lot of electricity. Over a long course of time, the cost and additional electricity bill tend to even out, so you don't need to worry about overwhelming expenses if you want to try a distiller.