If you’re someone who prefers to look after the plumbing of your home, then it’s safe to say that you are well acquainted with water softeners. This handy tool has been imperative in providing a safe water supply globally for a while now.

However, it can be tough to know when to replace water softener if you have never done it before.

Our article will thoroughly introduce you to the water softener, inform you about all of its qualities, and help you identify the right time to replace it. Soon enough, you will be able to perfectly plan and conduct routine maintenances and look after the overall health of your household waterworks with ease.

How To Know That It’s Time To Change Your Water Softener?

The time when water softeners require replacements is 5-10 years, a broad timeframe for economical replacements. However, this tool starts showing signs of wear and usage through a plethora of different signals. Here are 4 of the most common signs, which means that it’s time for a change.

Change In Taste Of Water

One of the easiest ways to understand that your water softener requires replacement is tasting the water it expels. If the liquid feels strange or off-putting in any way, then there’s a high chance that a change is overdue. Taste changes generally indicate the presence of contaminants and chemicals, which can be very risky.

The first thing you need to do in case this factor arises is to have the water quality in your house tested. If the tests do not show any chemicals, then it’s an obvious indicator to change the water softener in your plumbing as soon as possible.

Water Pressure Fluctuation

Water softeners usually allow you to dictate the water pressure in the device with which you attach it. Therefore, it is a direct indicator of the performance level of such a product.

In case you see a gradual decline or change in the water pressure in your house, it’s safe to assume that the time to replace your water softener might be near.

A drop in water pressure or its fluctuation usually occurs if calcium and other minerals start to clog up the pipes in your waterworks. The buildup causes the water flow to decrease over time and affects the pressure along with it.

Having it around in your pipes for too long can turn out to be a costly mistake. So change your water softener before it’s too late.

Increase In Spots Of Hard Water

One of the primary functions of a water softener is to get rid of all unnecessary minerals from the water it is carrying and prevent the movement of hard water.

This function helps to look after your skin, hair, and your bathroom and kitchen furnishings too. If you find spots developing near your sink or bath, there’s a chance that hard water is coming out.

Hard water can be an extremely unappealing sight. Not only does it ruin the aesthetics of your bathroom furnishings, but it can also do considerable damage to the pipes.

Another major issue hard water can cause is sudden damage to your skin and excessive hair loss. Therefore, it’s best to replace your water softener to prevent such things from happening.

Consumption Of Extra Salt

Salt is a common ingredient that water softener uses to accomplish their regular functions. However, the older it gets, the more salt it will consume to function appropriately over time.

Although salt is effective in water softening, an older model will undoubtedly make the experience more tedious as you will have to check salt levels more frequently.

If you see the need for a salt increase in your water softener, it’s best to replace it as soon as possible. You will certainly be saving up on unnecessary costs and also avoid any inconveniences.


No set time frame can help you determine the exact time for replacing water softeners in your home. However, a few indicators can tell you the precise moment when a change might be due. Now that you have gone through our article, you know when to replace water softener.

You will never have to face moments when your bathroom is an absolute mess from hard water spots ever again! Knowing when to change water softeners should be easy for you now!